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My dog has allergies as well. She doesn't have the reaction in her "lady bits" region though. She has had prescription antihistamines and treatment for severe swelling (her face, head, neck and eyes - they swelled shut). She is allergic to catnip and easily reacts to vaccines.
What we do:
- She has a medical alert dog tag (off ebay) stating she has allergies and what they are. She wears this at all times.
- We keep benadryl liquid and tablets in the house at all times
- We keep pill pockets with the benadryl at all times
- We dose her with a fairly high dose (a full mg per pound instead of 1/2 mg per pound) at the first sign of any reaction and before all vaccines.
- No catnip in the house, ever.
- Her medications go with her to daycare and boarding. The staff is aware of her allergies and write it in bright red highlighter on her kennel card to dose her immediately for any swelling, eye redness and to call the vet immediately for any airway issues. I don't take them to the vet - if she spends time there - they have medications to give her and it is less to keep up with.
1 - 1 of 2 Posts
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