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Bacterial problems

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Allo, and thank you. We have a large dog population, 9 of our own, 1 border and 3 fosters (curently). Ranging from 4 lbs to 85.

We are located in the south west and have been doing this for two plus years. Since the new year, a skin irritation has started to plauge the dogs that live here constantly. Ecoli has been sugested and the Vet thinks its likly bacterial.

The back yard is about 40-30 feet, feces are picked up daily. Grass is mostly dead from the heavy trafic.

The iritations are most concentrated in thier feet and undersides, or rear haunches.

>What can we use on back yard to disenfect without harming the dogs?

>What can we use indoors for same?

Already tried removing an inch of top soil and watering down remaing. Indoors have used anti bacterial/disefectant upon the floors.

>Any side thoughts on cause or solutions are appreciated.
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you ever think of putting straw down on the dirt?
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