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Bacterial problems

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Allo, and thank you. We have a large dog population, 9 of our own, 1 border and 3 fosters (curently). Ranging from 4 lbs to 85.

We are located in the south west and have been doing this for two plus years. Since the new year, a skin irritation has started to plauge the dogs that live here constantly. Ecoli has been sugested and the Vet thinks its likly bacterial.

The back yard is about 40-30 feet, feces are picked up daily. Grass is mostly dead from the heavy trafic.

The iritations are most concentrated in thier feet and undersides, or rear haunches.

>What can we use on back yard to disenfect without harming the dogs?

>What can we use indoors for same?

Already tried removing an inch of top soil and watering down remaing. Indoors have used anti bacterial/disefectant upon the floors.

>Any side thoughts on cause or solutions are appreciated.
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VERY alkaline soil, you'll need to loosen the soil and add compost to it as well as Ferrous sulfate (iron) to acidify the soil, you can get a pellitized form at most home centers such as Lowes and Home depot. The most important thing is to get the soil LOOSENED UP and breaking up the clay. You may need to do this repeatedly over several weeks.
You DO NOT want lime!!! Lime is ALKALINE and will RAISE the PH. You want to Acidify and LOWER the ph.

I would use either a core aerator or a tiller, of course the tiller is going to be more effective, you also need to add ORGANIC matter, either compost or Peat to the soil, peat is naturally acidic and along with the Ironrite will bring the PH down. This will also encourage grass growth if you want it.

Sorry, but whomever you were talking to at HD is an idiot, I was a VA certified Master Gardener and Lowes' Live Nursery Specialist for five years.

Also, look and see if your HC Gypsum, Gypsum will help to break up the clay in your soil, it's nuetral so safe to use in conjunction with evrything else.


1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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