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Bacterial problems

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Allo, and thank you. We have a large dog population, 9 of our own, 1 border and 3 fosters (curently). Ranging from 4 lbs to 85.

We are located in the south west and have been doing this for two plus years. Since the new year, a skin irritation has started to plauge the dogs that live here constantly. Ecoli has been sugested and the Vet thinks its likly bacterial.

The back yard is about 40-30 feet, feces are picked up daily. Grass is mostly dead from the heavy trafic.

The iritations are most concentrated in thier feet and undersides, or rear haunches.

>What can we use on back yard to disenfect without harming the dogs?

>What can we use indoors for same?

Already tried removing an inch of top soil and watering down remaing. Indoors have used anti bacterial/disefectant upon the floors.

>Any side thoughts on cause or solutions are appreciated.
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Is the soil extra alkaline in the area? Could be alkaline burns.

Do you rinse the disinfecting solution from the floors after washing? Could be a reaction to the cleaning stuff.

If it really is bacterial, I've heard that you can use bleach to kill the bacteria in the soil, but I'm not sure of the mixing ratios. Sorry. Has the vet done cultures to confirm a bacterial source? It actually sounds like a chemical reaction to me.
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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