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Backyard vs. apartment

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My lhasa apso/shih tzu is 12 yrs. old (13 in June). He lives with my parents who have a big backyard that he is used to. He sleeps in the garage at night and has free access to the yard all day. I don't particularly like the food they feed him (whatever's on sale, no regard to dietary needs or age). He is a good weight, but that doesn't mean he gets proper nutrition. I also don't really like the care they provide (feedings, letting him out in the morning, not much physical contact). I see him almost everyday at my lunch breaks and play with him (or just walk around the yard with him depending on what he feels like doing). I clean out his bowls, because otherwise they wouldn't be cleaned. My parents would just put food in a dirty bowl. He has chronic ear infections and only gets vet care when I take him. I want to take him to my apartment to live with me so I can give him what I think will be the best care, but I'm afraid he will hate it. Any advice on moving an older dog from a big backyard to an apartment? I'm grappling with big yard and so-so care, or smaller space and finer care.
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He definitely won't have a problem shifting from a backyard to an apartment. Between an extra few square feet to run around and some human interaction, I don't know of a dog who would prefer the former. He may be blue for a few days because of the shift in environment, but dogs adapt very quickly. If your parents are willing to give him up, then it's more than worth it for the medical attention and overall care he will receive.
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