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So I know there are some hikers and backpackers on here--what's a regular hike like for you guys? How far do you go? What do you bring in your backpack? Is there a certain product (or 2...or 3 ;) ) that you have to bring with you when you go?
And anything else that you would like to add (like PICTURES!). :)

I'll go first:
As soon as the weather warms to about 40 degrees F, the dogs and I are out on the trails (when we leave the sled at home anyway...lol ;) ).
Usually my lab Maggie and my GSD Ellie go with me. I'll have Maggie off leash and I usually do canicross with Ellie . We like to pack a lunch and go for a good 3 to 4 hour hike all by ourselves in the woods.
In my backpack I have a water bottle for me and a Gulpy water bottle for the dogs, camera, iPod, lunch and snacks, sunglasses, raincoat, extra leash, pocket knife, whistle (that's usually around my neck though), and a small first aid kit (for humans and canines).
I absolutely love the Gulpy water bottle for the dogs. It sure beats lugging 2 water bottles and a dish of some sort to put the water in. I also always have to have my blue turquoise leash that has a snap sewed into the handle and a ring on the leash so I can hook it to any stationary object to secure a dog that can't be off leash so I can eat my lunch. :)

Mammal Dog Canidae Dog breed Carnivore

Here's Maggie and Ellie on a 3 hour canicross hike back in March.

Mammal Dog Vertebrate Canidae Dog breed

Salsa is sporting the new backpack I got today! We're gonna take it for a test drive on a hike that I'm planning for tomorrow.

Dog Canidae Dog breed Carnivore German shepherd dog

Ellie in her canicross gear.

That's all the pics I can find right now. I'll have more by the end of the week though I'm sure.

Your turn! :D
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