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I think it's common for dogs to "forget" housetraining when they're moved to a new place. I moved twice in the last year and both times started out with housebreaking 101. The first move to a tiny apartment was pretty easy but when we moved to a house 2x the size of what she had been in before, I didn't take any chances.

We gated off all the rooms but the one we were in, watched her 100% of the time, put her on a new bathroom schedule, jackpot treated when she went outside, and gradually let her into other rooms. First we let her in them with us while we played with her, then she was allowed in there to sleep and relax on her own. Took a while to work through all the rooms in the house, but she's fine now.

The only accidents she had were poops - one time she was upstairs alone the first time we had a house full of company and the other was when she was allowed in the basement - a room we hadn't trained her not to go in.

I think the pooping was related to her not wanting to go in her new potty area. She was used to going in a specific place that was protected on 3 sides with walls/fencing and now her potty area is out in the open. I'm guessing pooping makes them feel more vulnerable - maybe the pup doesn't feel comfortable yet in the new place? Just guessing. And you're right, puppies are hard!
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