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Has anyone here tried Back on Track products for their dogs? Specifically the blankets/coats. I know they are popular for horses and dogs as well as their owners. People at my barn swear by them for their horses, and I know some people who like them for their dogs (mostly agility people), but almost every horse/dog I know who wears back on track also takes some sort of supplements for their joints/pain so I wonder how much of a difference the Back on Track really makes. I understand the mechanism and why/how they supposedly work. I'm just a bit skeptical.

That said, they have a closeout sale and I purchased one for Grace. I figured it's worth a shot, and if not, well....at least she has a trendy piece of cloth to wear. I hope I am turned into a believer and it helps her recover after hikes and wake up a little less stiff in the morning.

Anyone here use them?
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