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For spring break, my family went to our little resort in Eagle Crest, in Bend, Oregon, and then skiing at Mt. Bachelor. It was my very first time skiing! I would much preferred snowboarding, but my friend was big on skiing and she told me it was easier. Now, you should know that I am severely SEVERELY challenged balance-wise, and it was terrible! I took a class with my sister and someone else, and, naturally, I was the slowest to catch on. It took me hours trying to hike up in skis, and I kept slipping. But skiing down was FUN, and I actually was able to turn and stop! Granted, I narrowly missed a metal pole and banged my shoulder against a tree, but I felt pretty cool :cool:

I was also super excited to see snow, it was really beautiful. I'll upload a few pictures when I have time. But I do know now that skijoring is not going to be on the agenda.

Oh yeah - and those skiing shoes were a pain in the a$$.

Just wanted to share :D
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