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Baby Gate one dog and not the other at night?

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I have a new dog that I recently rehomed. He is fairly unintelligent and obstinant, as he was not trained or given boundaries at his first home ( he is 3yrs old). Anyway, is it wrong to baby gate him out of the bedroom at night while allowing the resident dog the stay in our bed? The resident dog follows commands and will move to the end of the bed if you tell her to. As for the boy, he will not budge-- he actually will fall into you with all of his weight. If you try to move him, he fights it. Also, he MUST have his entire body pressed againt yours at all times during the night, which is totally annoying. If feel it's unfair to gate the girl dog out as she is not an issue in bed and you don't even notice her. Also to note, he is fine while baby gated outside of the room with the girl dog, but if she is allowed in bed and he isn't, he whines and barks... can't have that as other people live my apartment building... however that is another issue!
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I can't gate them both out, as the girl dog will jump the gate... and she broke one before as well. I would buy a taller gate, but i can't have either of them barking or whining as i live in an apartment. Not sure if he will whine in a crate in the room, i would assume yes as he was never crated and is very needy-- always has been according to the past owners.
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