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[B]The disappearance of the chicken Pizza slice.[/B]

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So I had a long day today and decided Papa Murphy's Garlic Chicken Pizza sounded good for supper. I baked the pizza cut it, put a slice on a plate set it down and darn it, the phone rang. A few moments later, my Garlic Chicken pizza slice is gone. :eek: Well there are only 3 choices of answers to this mystery so I started smelling breath to find the culprit. Problem is... All 3 had very distinct Garlic chicken pizza breath. It is apparent that there was a mutiny in my house. Nobody is talking either.

This is one of many mysteries that happens in my house. I am sure you all have mysteries that happen in your houses as well. Post them here and maybe we can guess at the answers as to "what might have happened?"
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Uallis has a fondness for potato chips. When he was younger and the uncontrolled counter surfer, I'd frequently come to discover missing bags of chips. One time, when we had guests over, we had some chips and chip dip sitting on the counter for everyone to enjoy. Unfortunately for Uallis, I discovered the missing bag of chips, missing dip...and a missing Uallis at the same time. I soon after found all three hiding in the computer room. To Uallis's credit, he tried to look innocent, but it was hard for him to do considering the torn bag of chips laying on the floor, the empty chip dip container laying near by and the dip smeared all over his face...but in hindsight maybe it was the "mysterious man" who framed him...:rolleyes:...but somehow I doubt it.
Another story to share, not about the dogs, but one of my cats:

A few months ago, my boyfriend's mother made a very delicious looking chocolate creme pie...It was sitting on the kitchen table with a paper plate over top of it, cooling. My cat, Max, is attracted to heat, he loves to lay on things that are warm. I walked into the kitchen for some reason or another and what do I see?? Max laying ON TOP of the pie. It was smashed and the creme was oozing out all over the place. Everyone was furious, including Max because he ended up having to get a bath to get the chocolate off of him.
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