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[B]The disappearance of the chicken Pizza slice.[/B]

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So I had a long day today and decided Papa Murphy's Garlic Chicken Pizza sounded good for supper. I baked the pizza cut it, put a slice on a plate set it down and darn it, the phone rang. A few moments later, my Garlic Chicken pizza slice is gone. :eek: Well there are only 3 choices of answers to this mystery so I started smelling breath to find the culprit. Problem is... All 3 had very distinct Garlic chicken pizza breath. It is apparent that there was a mutiny in my house. Nobody is talking either.

This is one of many mysteries that happens in my house. I am sure you all have mysteries that happen in your houses as well. Post them here and maybe we can guess at the answers as to "what might have happened?"
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Heh heh. We had a mysterious disappearance of veggie pizza a few years ago. The only evidence to be found was a Standard Poodle happily licking her chops, and a little pile of slightly-chewed-and-spit-out black olives on the floor a few feet away. Her eyes said "Who me? I would never do such a thing" but her breath said otherwise!!
I just remembered one that wasn't exactly a mystery since there were eye witnesses, but it was funny nonetheless. :D

My roommate right after college had the most wonderful Golden retriever. One day, around Thanksgiving, my roomie decided to bake a pumpkin pie. She had never made one before so it took her a while and she was quite proud of it. She let it cool on the counter and was careful to put it farrrrrr back from the edge because Jessie the Golden was whining to have some and we didn't want a pawprint appearing in the pie.

Later the pie was put into the refrigerator and we were excited about having it after Thanksgiving dinner the next day.

Sometime that evening, my roomie opened the fridge to get something... within a split-second, Jessie saw her opportunity, went for the pie, and smacked it right out of the fridge with her paw... we watched in horror as it smashed into pieces all over the floor. She looked up smiling at my roommate, as if to say "Ha, now I get to eat it!" How can ya be mad at a sweet smiling Golden face? :D
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On those rare occasions when my dog has stolen food, he brought it right to me. What can I say? He's a Golden and he was born goofy. I didn't have the heart to tell him he was doin' it wrong.
TOO funny!!!!! You (and your Golden) are hilarious. :D
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