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[B]The disappearance of the chicken Pizza slice.[/B]

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So I had a long day today and decided Papa Murphy's Garlic Chicken Pizza sounded good for supper. I baked the pizza cut it, put a slice on a plate set it down and darn it, the phone rang. A few moments later, my Garlic Chicken pizza slice is gone. :eek: Well there are only 3 choices of answers to this mystery so I started smelling breath to find the culprit. Problem is... All 3 had very distinct Garlic chicken pizza breath. It is apparent that there was a mutiny in my house. Nobody is talking either.

This is one of many mysteries that happens in my house. I am sure you all have mysteries that happen in your houses as well. Post them here and maybe we can guess at the answers as to "what might have happened?"
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TDBR ( The days before Roxy lol) When we only had Lucy I had cooked a Whole Drunkin Chicken and I had it on the counter because my very well behaved Lucy would never get food she shouldnt have ever not my baby. Well we were all outside and came back in the house and my ENTIRE whole chicken was gone no where to be found in a matter of 2 minutes well then I noticed so was Lucy Hum Coincidsoence I thought not ! So after seraching the house we found Lucy in my sons room with what was left of our dinner. OMG I couldnt believe it well I still dont I think she did it I think the cats set her up.
Now Roxy is not sneaky at all not one bit she will steal food from your hand, plate, table, counters, anywhere if you blink when she is around.
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