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[B]The disappearance of the chicken Pizza slice.[/B]

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So I had a long day today and decided Papa Murphy's Garlic Chicken Pizza sounded good for supper. I baked the pizza cut it, put a slice on a plate set it down and darn it, the phone rang. A few moments later, my Garlic Chicken pizza slice is gone. :eek: Well there are only 3 choices of answers to this mystery so I started smelling breath to find the culprit. Problem is... All 3 had very distinct Garlic chicken pizza breath. It is apparent that there was a mutiny in my house. Nobody is talking either.

This is one of many mysteries that happens in my house. I am sure you all have mysteries that happen in your houses as well. Post them here and maybe we can guess at the answers as to "what might have happened?"
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LOL.... this thread is funny.....

I used to watch a schnauzer mix who I thought had very good manners. She never begged and knew the appointed area she could use to potty. Anyway, it seems like my youngest son would happen to have the problem of his pizza or hot dog attached to her (shnauzer) mouth. The look on her face was priceless. It seemed to say "how did that pizza end up there?", "what hot dog? Oh the one in my mouth? Didn't notice it."

Ilya lately wants people food and has been grumbling his complaints. Then he pouts. He stole part of a hamburger once and the look of guilt seemed too overwhelming for him (was it an act?) he seemed to have layed down with his paw on his cheeks with a frown.
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