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Folks donate things to the shelter I work at and very rarely I will take a toy home to try with my dogs before I return it. I use it to gauge whether or not I want to purchase one for myself. Well, today this came in and I tried it, and it's amazing...

They don't make it anymore!!! I have no doubt my dogs could shear right through it if they wanted to, but I think both Brae and Sor are past the 'recreational destruction' phase and I do have some food toys that I remove after use.

The amazing thing... Brae has been messing with this toy for OVER AN HOUR! Straight! With just one cup of kibble! Something about the design makes it difficult. The 'stem' at the very top only allows one kibble to come out at a time and it doesn't tumble/dispense intuitively.

I may have to make a donation and purchase this gem.

ETA: Wow, I'm sorry for the huge image size! There are only a few links to this product on the internet and they are all like this it seems...
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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