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Once again I am here asking everyone to please pray for another rescue: Drizzle. He is an adorable light blue brindle pit puppy. He came into the clinic last Wed. with a couple that had adopted him from one of the local shelters. Flat out not able to breath. He was given a blood transfusion because his pcv was so low. The couple wanted to return him to the shelter where certain death would have awaited him as shelters will not keep pits with health issues. So Doc asked them to sign him over to him and his wife. He had been doing very well over the weekend. That kind of bottomed out today. His pcv is once again very low even with being on meds. It takes around 5-7 days for the pred to stabilize is pcv and we are all praying that this is what will happen. So please keep little Drizzle in your prayers. He is a great little guy we all fell in love with him at the clinic. Thanks everyone.
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