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Hey everyone!

Hoping to get some advice / suggestions / experiences with auto-feeders.

My neighbor has been a godsend for these past seven+ years keeping an eye on Bella during the day while I'm at work and feeding her lunch - which I am beyond grateful for!

However, my neighbor has been out of town for the past few months (she came back for a few weeks then left again) so I've been toying with the idea of getting an auto-feeder for Bella's lunch. Now and then I'll come home from work after she's been home alone to find bile vomit around the apartment. Her stomach has never been good at handling emptiness. I remember now why I started feeding her 3x a day to begin with.

Does anyone use auto-feeders? Is there anything I should consider brand-wise or a reason I shouldn't use one? My top concerns are:
1. as soon as she knows food comes out of it, she may try to break in.
2. sometimes after lunch she has to go outside

Suggestions welcome! :)
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