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Me and my fiancee got out Australian Shepherd puppy when she was 8 weeks old and she's almost 10 months now. We honestly didn't know a whole lot about the breed so the past 8 months has been challenging but Bailey (the pup) has came a long way. She is very loving to the dogs and people that she has known since a pup besides some food aggression when it comes to the dogs. One of the issues we've faced however is introducing her to new people at the house.
If we try to have over anyone that she's not comfortable with she gets very defensive (growling, barking, ect.) I've heard that's not abnormal for their breed so while we're still trying to train her out of that, I don't see it as a huge deal. Please tell me if I'm wrong in that sence.
Anyways my brother in law had a 1 year old Husky that he couldn't take care of. So we decided to try and take him in and either find good home for him or keep him as a nice companion for our aussie.
The first couple days our aussie was VERY defensive with the husky growling sniping at him. But today they started doing really well in the yard together chasing each other and wrestling (not aggressively just playful).
The next step is trying to get Bailey comfortable with the husky in the house. She's still not a fan of him being inside the house. I'm looking for suggestions on how to make that transition with my aussie so that hopefully she can have a permanent playmate and friend.
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