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Australian shepherd getting deer bones

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So today on my daily walk my Australian shepard smelt something and ran of into the woods (he has never done that before). He came back with a a deer leg that some hunter must have left there. He did not respond to any of my commands and went straight home always staying at a distance so I could not grab him. When he came home i luckily grabed him and snatched the leg then put him in his crate. What should I do so that this behaviour does not repeat. He is a 7 month old, male Australian shepard.

All tips would be welcome. Also sorry for my bad English it is not my first language.
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Don't worry about it. He's a dog doing what dogs do. The fact that it was a leg means the deer either was:

1. Wounded during hunting season and not found.

2. Hit by a car and ran off and died.

3. Died of natural causes.

Hunters field dress a deer and take it out legs and all.

On hikes dogs can find all kinds of "prizes." It is very common where I live. Your choice is to leash your dog (not practical hiking in the woods) or carry really good food treats on you to trade for any prize the dog finds.

Last fall a hunter shot a deer and it ran. My dog was called upon to find the deer which he did. Deer was kicking it's last. My dog finished the deer off. The hunter field dressed the deer and rewarded my dog with the heart. Dog thought he was in heaven!! Good dog!
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I trained a very good "leave it" for situations like these, and I usually carry a very high value treat like cheese or hot dogs to reward the forfeiture of tasty roadkill. You should start training the cue with something boring and easy to give up, like a toy or a piece of kibble. I also worked on "Puppy Zen" or "Doggy Zen" with my dog to help teach impulse control and leave it. You can find a tutorial here.

Honestly, though, if its just a bone I let my dog have it. No harm in it (provided your dog is UTD on vaccinations and is de-wormed regularly). It's a very natural dog behavior, and I find it entertaining to watch my dog wandering around the property "burying" the bone under grassing clippings and piles of leaves.
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