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Australian Shepherd color help

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I honestly looked all over this site and others and i havent found another aussie with my aussies color pattern she also has a white patch on her chest you cant see in this picture any input would help thank you.

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It could be the pics, but she looks like a dilute to me, which is a non-standard color. search for non standard aussie colors and you might find the pics you're looking for...as for the white?
The lack of white is not a bad thing, some are completely solid.
I am not familiar with the Aussie color names - but she is a tanpoint (a't'/a't') dog with some white, that is most likely blue dilute as well (d/d). The dilute gene changes the black, on her nose etc. as well as on her fur. It also often lightens eye color.

Here you go:


Your puppy is a dilute tri I think, although I am not sure that is enough white to consider it tri but I guess it may.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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