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I chose my Username as "Spoiler" because I reckon my/our dog gets spoiled rotten.
Two walks a day. We never miss! The first one for 40 to 50 minutes. The second for 15 to 20 minutes. Can stay in or outdoors as he wishes. Gets plenty of interesting treats.
Lots of toys. I usually give him his beakfast/dinner before I have my own. He's rarely ignored at home. I am always conscious of whether he has been neglected/not given enough attention. And if I we go out for more than 2 hours, I worry if he is getting too bored.
The only thing he might be missing out on is a bigger family situation or companion dogs.
Personally I'd love to have a holiday on a farm with him. Just see how he handles the wide open spaces. See if he starts herding sheep, as he herds us sometimes when we go out together on an outing.

Must be some great people on this forum. Sorry. I've most liklely offended half of you already. Animal lovers really are special people!:wave:
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