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Aussie not eating again

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My aussie was born last may. My breeder fed him a purina large breed puppy food. When he was about 3 months old, I switched him to Natural Balance Ultra Premium dog food. He seemed to do well with this food for a while. Last November, when he was 6 months old, we left him at his vet's kennel for a week while on vacation (eating their food). He came home sick with diarrhea that lasted about a month. We ran a bunch of tests on him, but the vet ended up recommending a hypoallergenic food (I think from Purina) for him because she could find nothing else wrong. He did okay on that for about 1.5 months. I decided to buy him Natural Balance Vegetarian food instead of the prescription food after that. He did okay on that for about a month but for a few days he wasn't that interested in eating. I started mixing the vegetarian and the ultra premium together about a week ago and he was very excited to eat. But yesterday and this morning, he turned up his nose at food.

How many meals can my dog skip before I should really start to worry about him. Am I doing okay with my decisions about his food. He's 10 months old now, is this an adolescence thing? Advice would be very much appreciated.

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It could be the age. Growth is slowing down right now and adolescence is seriously messing up his mind. Try the 15 minute rule as Puremutt suggests. Put the food down and take it up in 15 minutes if he isn't eating - don't grab it out of his month if he is eating! If he hasn't touched it and you are worried go ahead and offer it several times a day as if you have decided he is getting fed 5 times a day now but he is large enough to miss meals for 24 hours without any problem.
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