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Here is Aurora trying to taunt another dog to chase her for the toy. She lays the toy down to make them think they have a chance of grabbing it from her and when they take the bait she'll grab it back up and run to get them to chase her. She loves being chased. If they don't chase her for it she gets bored of the toy (if some one needs their toy back it is a tried and true method to just ignore her, hope some other dog doesn't want it, and within a minute she's bored of hte toy. When she's at the dog park she only wants the toys that other dogs or people will chase her for):

And she succesfully baited a dog with it *Grin*

She's getting away! (don't worry, lab, if the gap gets too big she'll stop and taunt you to encourage you to keep up the chase):

And whatdya know, more taunting (you know you want it, look how close you are... if only you could just grab it from me, tee hee!)

1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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