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Aurora and her goofy sleeping habits

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Heh, Aurora loves sleeping in poses that just don't look comfortable (I should get a pic of how she sleeps in her crate). I really think this pic could be turned into an "lolcat" style pic but I can't think of a good caption (I'm not good at stuff like that).

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My husky sleep like that, too.
Also a samoyed mix and another husky that I had.
I think they sleep like that when it gets hot for them.
When I lower my ac he would turn into a ball. :)
Maybe. She does the ball thing too (she curls up so tightly into a ball sometimes you'd think she was a cat. I know my friend's greyhounds couldn't even possibley curl up as tightly as she does).

Yeah, but it's been getting warmer here and she's doing the stretch out thing right now (just not so goofy looking at the moment).
Oh my god, that last pose is exactly how Aurora will sleep in her crate sometimes. I don't know how she's comfortable like that. I mean I swear your dog is mimicking mine! And Aurora does the nose under tail thing but I always read that's a Husky thing to keep themselves warm out in the snow (why they have bushy tails, she does have a lot of Husky).
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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