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Auriel the Pekingese

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Auriel is allowed on the computer desk, but not the dining room table. Since she likes to be near me, I had to pull up a chair next to me so she could sit next to me.

Notice there is a pet bed next to her and she lays next to the mouse.

Getting introduced to the stuffed Kong. I put peanut butter in there first and she really didn't flip for it.

This was a lucky capture. These photos were taken with my cell phone, hence all the different qualities. We travel in the car in a crate, but while I was anchoring the crate, I strap the crate down in the back of my Blazer with bungee cords, I put her in the front seat. Blazer was running with a/c on and when I came back she was perfectly laying down.
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She is pretty!

Kabota will lay on the floor right next to his pet bed. Dogs!
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