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Attachment Combs explanation

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Hello! I'm currently doing my qualification for dog grooming (but lockdown making this hard :( )
My question is about attachment combs..
I don't know why I'm confused and probably sounds like a silly question,
But basically, I'm confused with
1) When to use them / what breeds? Why do we use them? With what blades and why with those specific blade sizes? how do the blades and combs go together?

2) What are the different numbers? I'm really bad with knowing what size like 3mm is (unless I have SEEN it being used and can SEE what length it cuts .. if that makes sense) - With blades, because I have seen what length 3, 5, 7, 10 and 30 is, I can compare that with other blades I have not used/seen, such as a 4, 15 etc.. like when I google comb attachment and it says to me 1/8" - 3mm - I don't actually know what length that is!

3) if it's used on specific breeds, do they have to be used? for example, if someone wanted their dog long, could you just use a 3?

Sorry if these are confusing/stupid questions.. I feel as if I should not be a groomer if I did not know the answers to these D: I hope they made sense, and hope someone could answer them!

Thank you so much!!
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Attachment combs are used to keep the coat longer, while ensuring a uniform length. They do work best with a 30 or even a 40 blade. Different companies might have different numbering/labeling systems, so making sure you have the chart for the brand you are using is extremely helpful.

They can be used on pretty much any breed where the owner wants a somewhat longer cut. Using a comb on a clipper is much faster and easier than scissoring an even finish, especially on a larger dog.

As with plain clipper blades, going with the lay of the coat will result in a longer cut than going against the lay of the coat.
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