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Atopic Dermatitis and recurring skin infections--antibiotic not working anymore

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Has anyone used Apoquel or Cytopoint for allergic dog?

One of my dogs is a pit/dobe mix, about 9 yrs old.....He has had ongoing skin issues his whole life......In the past, he has had about 2 courses of Cephalexin every year to control it.

We did have allergy testing done a few years ago, and he is very allergic to dust mites and mold.......I feel he is eating a pretty high quality food--Orijen......We also give supplemental fish oil.

However, his last round of Cephalexin did not work--the staph bumps came back a week after he finished.....He is not itching and doesn't seem uncomfortable at all, he just breaks out with the bumps.

My vet is now recommending trying either oral Apoquel, or Cytopoint injections.

Anyone have any personal experiences using either one on their dog(s).??
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Re: Has anyone used Apoquel or Cytopoint for allergic dog?

Have a dog on Apoquel. She gets hot spots (atopy) summer through late fall until the first frost. The Apoquel does not completely eliminate her itching but it does calm it and the hot spots do disappear and she is much more comfortable. I also could not reduce the dose as much as suggested after the first two weeks.

This dog is 11 years old and is a (mostly) American Show Line German Shepherd dog who was spayed before her first heat.
Re: Has anyone used Apoquel or Cytopoint for allergic dog?

Thanks for your reply, 3GSD.......So the Apoquel helps with her dermatitis?.....Have you noticed any side effects at all?
Re: Has anyone used Apoquel or Cytopoint for allergic dog?

My nearly 6 year old GSD has been on Apoquel for almost a year now. Doesn't completely stop her from itching, but it helps a LOT. I've not noticed any side effects.

Have you considered consulting a dermatologist?
Re: Has anyone used Apoquel or Cytopoint for allergic dog?

LeoRose, I think the specialist will be our next step......We did go to a skin specialist for his allergy testing a few years ago.....The weird thing is that these bumps don't really seem to bother him.....He never scratches himself or bites at himself at all.

Is Apoquel mainly used for itchy skin conditions?
Re: Has anyone used Apoquel or Cytopoint for allergic dog?

It's mainly to relieve itching, I believe. Leo has some kind of allergies (the vet and I think environmental) that make her chew, scratch, and tear her hair out. We tried Zytec and Benadryl before the Apoquel, but neither one really helped.
Re: Has anyone used Apoquel or Cytopoint for allergic dog?

Hmm....Maybe the Apoquel wouldn't help my dog because he has absolutely no problems with itching.....
Skin flair-ups, yes, but no itching.
Re: Has anyone used Apoquel or Cytopoint for allergic dog?

I do not know of any side effects. This dog actually lives with my sister (I titled her in AKC obedience) and I pay the bills on her.

She actually developed a lick granuloma on her front leg and even that healed up with the Apoquel.

I am wondering if your dog needs a skin culture done. You may be dealing with a fungal issue or even an autoimmune issue.
I know this post is a couple weeks old but I wanted to let you know my dog has been on apoquel twice and the first time it worked well for him but the second time it was not as effective which is common. Long-term use is somewhat advised against, of course there are conflicting opinions on this.

My dog, also 9, has recently developed a bad allergy to something starting in June and has only gotten worse in January. After seeing the specialist we are in the middle of figuring out if his allergies are food related or environmental (dust, mold at this point since he's still itching horribly in the dead of winter with snow on the ground). They injected him with cytopoint yesterday and my boy already can FINALLY sleep over 15 minutes without itching. In fact his itching has almost completely stopped already. If this does turn out to be an environmental allergy, we will be doing the shots every month over apoquel. There's scary stories out there surrounding apoquel. Maybe they're something to take into account, maybe not. But I say the cytopoint seems to be better, at least for dog. Good luck!
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My 7 year old Aussie Terrier was scratching a LOT. Apoquel helped somewhat, but my vet recommended we switch to Cytopoint. WOW! Scratching stopped that same day. It's been 4 weeks now, and still not scratching.
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