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Hi all,

I'm about to adopt a 3 year old chihuahua. I am familiar with the breed and have cared for them before. My concern is that I am asthmatic and certain, definitely not all, dogs can cause me to have mild asthma flares.

Does anyone here have asthma and a chihuahua? Does your dog cause flare ups? Did this cause your asthma to worsen with time? What do you do to manage this? And, if you find chihuahuas to less allergy / asthma including, let me know that too.

Any tips and info would be very helpul.

Thank you,


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Everyone is different in what they're sensitive to, so perhaps the best option is doing a trial run with that particular dog to see if it bothers you. If you've cared for Chis before without issue, there's a pretty good chance you'll be fine.
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