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Hello, I'm Sara
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, a professional dog trainer with 16 years, of experience. I specialize in obedience training, behavior modification, and problem-solving using positive reinforcement. Excited to be part of this community and looking forward to sharing my knowledge with fellow dog lovers."
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Hi there Sara!
If you have time I’d really appreciate some feedback on a problem my pup and I have been having.

16 wk old Female Caviler King Charles Spaniel:

Her name is Kimmi and she’s extremely smart. I mean, she’s been here for 5 days and she already knows sit, hold, kennel, and pees on the potty pad. The issue is poop. She walks while she’s pooping so even if she intends to poop on the potty pad, by the time she’s done, she’ll walk off the potty pad and onto the carpet. I’ve tried holding her in place lightly so that she gets the idea to stay in one place but when I touch her, she gets nervous and stops. I can’t yet take her outside because she’s only a couple weeks old and has a couple more shots before she’s safe to take a walk. Plus I work long hours so I’d like to be able to leave her kennel open on long shifts so she’s able to potty on her own. How do we stop this? What do I do?

it may be helpful to add that she has a small umbilical hernia on her tummy. The vet says it doesn’t seem to cause her pain so it’s not important to remove now but we will when she’s around 6 months. Could this be causing her discomfort and making her walk while she poops? She doesn’t seem to strain or look uncomfortable. She just walks.
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