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ask for permission

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hi everyone. i would like to train my puppy to ask for permission before jumping on the couch, bed, etc... i do not oppose the dog being on the couch or bed, but i do not want her to automatically do this behavior. ideally, i would like for her to sit when she wants to jump up on something.

can anyone suggest a method to make this happen? also, i would like for her to stop jumping on kitchen cabinets, chairs, etc... and would like to start that training as well. frankly, i have been asking her to sit before jumping on the couch, and it seems to be working ok, but what should i do when she already has her paws up on the couch? my method is as follows: she approaches the couch and puts her paws up, i say sit and she does, then i say up and bring her up on the couch. today i started giving her the sit command when i see her paws on the couch, and give her a treat for doing it. then, i say "up" and simply pet her, but not let her on the couch. then, sit again and treat. is this a good idea? and how should i approach it when i DON'T want her on the couch at all, and she comes and sits for me, asking to jump? i hate to see her just staring at me waiting for the up command :(

i am clicker training her, and she's a really fast learner, but i feel like i should start her on this one before she can physically be able to fully jump up on the couch. further, i am looking for positive reinforcement methods, as it's how i've been training her with amazing results. thanks everyone!
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I made the mistake of allowing my dog to jump up on me while I'm in my chair whenever she felt like it. :) Just her front legs. I had to correct my behavior to encourage her to stop. I found the most important thing was for me to be aware of when she was approaching. It's kind of hard to deal with a problem that you don't see coming, so I trained myself to be more aware of her approach. Then I put my hand out facing her (like a "Stop! In the name of love" gesture) and said "ah-ah". When I had her attention, I'd say, "Sit" and she did. Then I rewarded her with verbal praise and a pet. From there, sometimes I tell her to go lay down, or to go away (a command they know) or "Get your Cuz" or "jump up", which gives them permission to jump up on me. But she has learned that if she wants to come up, she MUST come up to that position and sit first. I always give her a command at that point to avoid her sad stare while she waits for me to tell her to jump up. :)
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