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So my foster boy Marty is hopefully going to a new home this weekend, home visit is tomorrow so not a done deal yet but should be happening. Well the potential adopters have a cat so I was hoping to be able to direct them to an article or resource of some kind with info to help them.

I already brought up the general points of taking it slow, keep control (leashed) of the dog and don't allow him to chase, always have escape routes for the cat and a safe place to be away from the dog, and working on counter conditioning to get the dog to basically ignore the cat. Plus simply rewarding for calm behavior around the cat.

They seem to understand it will take work and time and are ready to work on it. I don't THINK Marty will be aggressive with the cat. I do think he'll be over excited and inappropriate with the cat and have told them so. His staying with them is contingent on him not losing his mind in a home with a cat. As long as he can focus enough to be redirected to other things I think there is good hope for him settling in with the cat.

There is also another dog in the home already who they had to adjust to the cat. They said basically they just leashed him for awhile to keep him from chasing the cat and then they were fine. Current dog is a 9 year old golden, who based on the math would have been 8 years old at the time of the cat introductions. Pretty sure Marty will be more work than that.

So yeah... Anyone have links on hand to some resources I can easily share with these people? Thanks.
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