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And craigslist is asking for phone verification but won't accept my cell number (our home phone is voice over IP which they don't accept either).

I need this for my sake, purely. To vent and stop thinking about it. I think that craigslist asks for a number because I am not in Georgia. I've posted things for sale before here where I live and I was never asked to verify with a phone number.

So if anyone in GA would post this for me, I'd be ever so happy (and on the off chance that someone answers let me know here).

Here is what I wanted to post in the general sale/wanted rubric, with 0 dollars :):


Subject title:
To the (ex) owner(s) of the little black Cairn terrier mix (Gainesville, GA area)

You either left her by the side of the highway or she ran off and you didn't bother looking for her. She was found by 985, exit 12 on November 15th by animal control, alone and afraid. What kind of an individual(s) are you to abandon your dog? Even after the ordeal of being housed at a high kill shelter, and the transport up north she's been nothing but a joy. She loves our kids, loves to play with other dogs and has quickly and quietly settled in. What trouble could she possibly have been???

But she won't go into the basement, in fact she is so afraid she won't even peek down the stairs and cowers in fear if I call her to come with me - I can only guess what you did to her.

She has a docked tail as well - where you trying to pass her off as a pure bread Cairn and then kicked her out when there were no takers?

In any case, she is OURS now and you will never get her back. It's a good thing I don't know who you are, because I am not as friendly as our pup, especially not to people like you.

Yours truly
The New Owners

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