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Arg, accidents...

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Our rescue has accidents to what I thought were mostly anxiety causing situations (me getting loud with the kids when they don't stop fighting, visitors to the house etc.). Her accidents are far in between lately.

But yesterday night Blue came down at around 10 pm when I came home (she had been sleeping with the kids, had been taken out around 6 pm) and right in front of me went to pee in the living room! Four hours isn't that much - she is dry overnight and holds her pee in the mornings (she gets out at around 7ish and then again between 12 and 1 pm) - then again usually around 6ish and one last time before I go to sleep, which is anywhere between 11 pm and 2 am.

We did find out early on that we need to take her out asap in the morning after she eats. If she doesn't eat before she won't go outside or not much, and if we let her eat and wait a minute, she'd pee in the house lol. So she now has bfast with the leash on and we walk out the door right away and that works fine.

Should I invest in a dog bell? Has anybody tried them? She sometimes paces to announce that she needs to go other than the regular times we take her out, but yesterday night she barely did or I missed it.
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Is she a puppy? If she all of a sudden started having accidents in the house, it may be because you guys are slacking on the potty training, there is something medical or behavioral (submissive urination) going on.

You need to go back to potty training 101. Take her out as soon as she wakes up, as soon as she's done eating, as soon as she's done playing. Anytime her activity changes, take her out and praise her for pottying outside. Don't walk around with her. Pick one place where you want her to go and stand there. Like a statue.

I wouldn't use a bell because my dogs would try to use it when they just want to go outside and play which would annoy me to no end.
She is about a year and a half and we got her six months ago. She's never been fully dry, but she seems to know that she is supposed to go outside, because she will mostly hold her pee until we take her. I thought her accidents were all anxiety related (she has calmed down a lot though) and they would typically happen when we had a visitor over, or in-laws sleeping here (she peed on the guest bed), or when I yelled at the kids after them fighting for a whole afternoon. Lately they have been far in between. She never peed overnight.

When she came to us she was terrified of bathrooms and the basement so I have a feeling she was either left outside for prolonged periods and used to mostly going there or punished for going inside with being locked up, or locked up in the basement and nobody cared much that she went there.

I will go back to taking her out more frequently.
has she been to the vet for a thorough checkup and urinalysis done?
has she been to the vet for a thorough checkup and urinalysis done?
No. Why would she? She can hold her pee fine, she's proven that many times, since she never has an accident during the night. She is not crated, sleeps with my kids and could get out of their room to pee somewhere else. But she doesn't. She holds it in fine even after she waked until my husband is dressed and until after she eats. These accidents are random, mostly anxiety related until that one incident yesterday, when the house was calm, she had been out four hours before. The only thing was that she had slept a couple of hours.
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