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It is time for the next round of vaccines. She has had parvo, distemper and lyme. The breeder felt that parainfluenze and hepatitis were too dangerous for Toller puppies, as they are subject to autoimmune diseases; they were okay once she was older.

The vet wants to give all four now. She says there is no evidence that they are related to autoimmune, and while Tollers do have more autoimmune disease, it is not that much more.

The breeder says fine, give parvo and distemper now, and the other two later. She says the important thing now is to not give too many at once. Vet says that is nonsense.

The breeder will give us parvo/distemper, but I am unable to find just hepatitis or parainfluenza. Where would it be available? The vet is willing to give what we provide, but says they don't have access to just hepatitis or parainfluenza as there is no reason to have it.
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