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Anyone want to take a guess of what my dog's breed is (based on phenotyping)?

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She's 52 pounds about 2.5 feet tall, and estimated to be around 4 years old. The shelter had her listed as a lab mix. I've had three people on different occasions think she was a pit bull, today we took her to petco with us and the cashiers were loving on her and said she looks like a pit/lab mix. (More pictures in the comment)

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She does look like a Pit Bull mix possibly. You could get a DNA test, they are not always accurate but can give pretty good results. I can see why they think Pit/Lab mix though.
Honestly, I don't particularly care for a DNA test because I'm not SUPER concerned with what she is. I'm just curious about what everyone thinks.
I wouldn't disagree with Lab x pittie.
Lab/pit sounds plausible....something says either chow or shar pei to me, too. She looks like a doll whatever she is :)
Lab/pit is entirely possible. Your dog also looks really similar to my friends boxer/black lab mix. Same ears, the face is pretty spot on too. But it's hard to tell since there are so many bully type breeds out there.

Beautiful dog regardless!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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