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Anyone use the Ottoson puzzles?

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I've been looking at these puzzles for a while and wondered if anyone has experience with them? I found a pretty good article from Whole Dog Journal that reviewed several of them but would love to hear from anyone who has spent time playing with them.
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They are pricey, but my dog really likes them. I save them for when I am at work. Just makes me feel like he's getting a bit of mental stimulation when I'm gone. But, Baxter is a little 7 lb. havanese. Not very 'handsy' so it takes him longer to get the bones out. The toy gives him about 15 minutes or so of hunting.... The spinny is the easiest. We have the tornado which is the hardest---- not so hard that he hasn't figured it out, just it takes him longer
Alex Frost...
Where did you find the dog fighter discounted?
1 - 2 of 24 Posts
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