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Anyone use the Ottoson puzzles?

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I've been looking at these puzzles for a while and wondered if anyone has experience with them? I found a pretty good article from Whole Dog Journal that reviewed several of them but would love to hear from anyone who has spent time playing with them.
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They are in my Amazon shopping cart (and have been for a few weeks) but I haven't pulled the trigger yet. They seem perfect for my pups who love problem-solving. I will read that article and will probably end up buying one... let us know if you do too and how your pup likes it.
I checked my shopping cart and it looks like Amazon just sells them through a third party... thanks for sharing the links as well as what you've heard about them.
That's a lot of money for roughly 3 minutes and I assume she'll get it done faster and faster. They looked so promising.
Hmm, maybe I'll spend $20 on a good game of chess for them instead.
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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