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Anyone use the Ottoson puzzles?

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I've been looking at these puzzles for a while and wondered if anyone has experience with them? I found a pretty good article from Whole Dog Journal that reviewed several of them but would love to hear from anyone who has spent time playing with them.
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I didn't realize they were even on Amazon! I was looking at getting them from olivegreendog.com or smartiedog.com. At roughly $50 per they are kind of pricey--I'm wondering how well they hold up. I'd also like to know if they would be manageable for a very small dog (4 lbs). I've read some reviews on sites in the UK where people talk about them being a little stiff for the dog to manipulate but they didn't mention how big their dogs were.
Well she looked like she enjoyed herself! Do the pieces move pretty easily?
1 - 3 of 24 Posts
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