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Oh my.....I certainly hope you have stopped the supplement.

I don't believe in supplements. I do believe in a proper diet for the animal. In my eyes, raw is best, cooked is second, then far behind is kibble based foods. Do your research on anything you feed your dog. Even supplements and treats.

Definitely spend the time to read the ingredients, then research the ingredients to answer the following question, "What does this do for my pet?"

If you are still battling the diarrhea, then a visit to the vet should be in order.

The dog should go onto a simple bland diet with cooked white rice and cooked chicken. Try several small meals for the dog instead of one big meal. This will help firm up the problem.

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Yes, I stopped the Missing Link right away.....it took 2 days for the diarrhea to stop after a diet of just boiled chicken and rice 3x a day...........it's finally back to normal. No more supplements here! It had been recommended by the trainer at Petsmart.

Thank you for your response.
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