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I’m starting to wonder if cancer development may be a side effect of proin -
Sunny 8 year old lab/boxer mix - 93lbs - active
Started proin at 18weeks for spay incontinence daily - the only side effect she seems to have is more excessive panting and heavier breathing but nothing labored or anything like that. She’s been breathing like this since she was a puppy.

This past 8 months we have noticed lumps popping up all over on her. Previously she had 2 lumps and we had one larger lump that seemed to be getting bigger tested on her stomach (fatty tumor) and vet said it was fine unless we wanted to just do surgery to remove it there was nothing else to do. Because of proin and her size and age we chose not to do surgery unless absolutely necessary as there is a possibility she could die under anesthesia.

considering none of her lumps are hurting her ability to move and the treatments for cancerous lumps are harsh especially for a large breed dog at her age, we are choosing not to get any new lumps tested as we know what the answers for treatment will be.

But I simply want to know if anyone else has experienced this or has seen any literature on cancer in dogs on proin long term.

this dog is incredibly healthy outside of her incontinence. High quality food and treats, lots of activity and adventure. She’s heavy but she’s lean. Athletic.Just to see her have about 12 lumps now over the last year and a half is concerning for me and I’m not sure if the proin is causing it to happen faster than it would normally (if at all)

we have tried incurin and des for her and neither of them worked. So changing the med isn’t an option. We’ve come to terms with what’s happening to her but I just wanted to see others experiences.
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