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The local Humane Society (which does a very good job) is moving to a new facility across town next week. In order to cut down on all the dogs they're going to have to move, they're having a huge adoption sale. Normally, dogs are $135. This Friday, Saturday and Sunday, dogs are only $33.13 to adopt. (The new address is 3313 N Hillside.) It's a great deal. Dogs come with all basic shots except for rabies (which must be done by a vet by law here locally) and are all spayed/neutered and microchipped. Plus, you get a complimentary general checkup on the dog from a number of locally participating vets. It's an awesome deal for only $33.13. http://kshumane.org/news.html

Four hours into the day and the Humane Society has adopted 63 animals. Very cool.
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