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I was at the Dakota Memorial off leash dog park last evening when the Dogpaw crew showed up to begin setting up for the Dogtoberfest event. One of the volunteers handed me a flyer as I left the park and a couple of things caught my eye:

1) Free nail trimming! Any event where someone is willing to wrestle with my squirmy, shaking, big scared 40 lb. hunk of a dog to trim her nails for FREE as she twists & contorts her body like a real life Gumby doll is Aces in my book!:fear:

2) Lure coursing. This looks and sounds like fun for both of us. My dog is so naturally curious, energetic, agile, athletic and wanting to please me that I imagine she would be AMAZING at this. I can't wait for her to try the course and see how she does.

Is there anyone in the Vancouver, WA/ Portland, OR metro area who has heard about this event and is planning on going or who has gone to this event before?

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