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Aloha all. My chow mix in vet's recovering from surgery.
Abit of background info...dog is @6, adopted 5 yrs ago. A few months later, she ate the rubber feet off a sqeaky toy. Had surgery to remove 1 from gut. No problems, other than slow to eat/drink after. Otherwise, sassy and healthy since.
Went camping this weekend. Started vomiting 3 days into a 4 day trip. Ended up at the ER Mon pm, then Tues pm to see regular vet. She had surgery yesterday afternoon.
Vet said he found bands of 'scar tissue' from prev surgery. Part of bowl had become strangulated by one of those bands; angry looking but not necroptic. He released it and was happy it returned to 'normal' coloration. He also found where a ball of pine needles and 'hair' had obstructed the gut just above the twist (or torsion). Made small incision to successfully remove it. Also said he found a weak spot in wall near prev surgery site, so he 'pulled it up onto itself' and fixed it.
He said it's a first that, previously (it's a small joke at the clinic where we go) he's had to remove a rubber foot blockage from a dog. It's also a first where he's seen the long strands/bands that formed as part of scar tissue from that prev operation. Also a first where he's had to remove the pine needles and what he says appears to be 'long human hair' from the current blockage.
The dog was under observation the entire trip. There was pine sap that has dripped amongst the campsites; we were pulling off little bits of sap and pine needles, but had NO idea she had ingested enough to cause a blockage. We've taken her the past 5 years to same place, plus we do take her fishing in the Sierras with us occasionally. Never had problem before, and we always pull/groom/clean her of anything stuck to her coat (med coat w/ soft undercoat).
Anyone ever hear of a blockage of pine needles before? Obv, if it had to happen, this was the time, as we had no idea of the bands of scar tissue, plus the weak wall of her intestine (which vet said could have easily burst at any time, pine needles or not).
Have had dogs for years (hunting dogs) but never any major issues like this one.
Also, other than not taking her camping next year (which she loves to hike and play in the lake), any ideas on how to prevent this? She could wear booties, but making her stay on a rug or in a carrier/in the tent the whole time defeats the purpose of taking her along. She is cabled within our site, but the ground is carpeted by needles. She is under observation 99.9% of the time while we're in camp/fishing. The needles/sap do stick to her pads and coat; I had her belly shaved to avoid as much stuff sticking to her fur down there, but obv it wasn't enough.
Any thoughts or feedback on these issues? Thanks to all....
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