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It's Niceville Dog Park in Okaloosa Co., Fl.

I kind of want to take Molly there, but other than the FB page, and the location, all I've gotten is that my friend did (or does) take her dog there (Austrailian Shepherd).

It seems like it'd be nice, but I can't tell for 100% just from pictures. I might take her tomorrow, but I just don't know if I can yet or not. And if I do, it'll be for 30minutes to an hour at the most.

I know I can take her to another local park, that does allow dogs, but isn't a dog park, but she'd have to be kept on leash (not a problem, I have a 5ft and 15ft lead that I use for tether training atm to work on no more accidents in the house, and she walks well on a leash anyways)

There both about equal distance from me I think, one has a bay view, and is nice and grassy, has clean up bags for dogs too. I'm not sure about the actual dog park though, it does have a spot for dogs to drink, and shade via trees.
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