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Any reason to avoid plastic/rubbermaid cans for long term food storage?

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I have decided to store our food into some type of plastic or aluminum storage bin. Now the prices on the dedicated dog food storage bins on Petco and elsewhere seem competitive when it comes to dollars per pound of food I can store in a given bin. Problem is, the traditional kitchen trash can seems much better suited for simply dropping in the 40 lb bag of dog food into it. I have a 60 lb dog eating out of one, and a 20 lb dog eating out of another 40 lb bag of food. I have found a mouse chew hole at the bottom of one, so I will move the food into plastic.

My question: Is there some reason why I should avoid long term storage inside a plastic trash can? Are those dedicated dog food storage containers safer (as in, no harmful fumes being released, or leaching onto the food)? As long as I can fit a large bag of dog food into a regular trash can, I wouldn't have to worry about any plastic leaching onto the food itself. Or is it a matter of leaching not being an issue as long as the food is dry? I dunno.
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I'd think any issues would be with dumping the food directly into the bin so it's touching the plastic. If you're just placing the bag full of food in the bin, that shouldn't cause any problems.
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