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Any problems with Wellness Duck/Sweet Potato?

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My 2-year-old Golden Retriever has had diahrrea on and off the past several days and my husband has noted that it seems to happen when he gives her the Wellness Sweet Potato and Duck canned food. Our other dog, small and a pickier eater, has lately declined to eat this particular food when it's served.

I checked the bottom of the can, which says "best by 26 September 2011" so it's not expired.

I Google searched the brand for awhile and only found good reviews and recommendations for this brand, so am puzzled as to what the problem may be but it seems to be the only consistent trigger for her problems.

Has anyone else noticed issues with this food?

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Thanks for the replies. We occasionally give her a prime rib bone when we have it at a restaurant and she's had a similar reaction, so sounds like you're right, that she can't tolerate the richer protein/fat foods.

We're giving her rice with her kibble to calm it down.

I just hope it's the food and not something systemic or something she's gotten into that she shouldn't...
yesterday she vomited twice in addition to the diarhhea even though we'rewithholding everything except kibble and rice at this point. She's at the vet for observation today...
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