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Any one with a Shih Tzu/bison mix?

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I just was woundering when does there coat change? Right now my little man has beautiful straight hair but my sister has the same breed and her pup is curly. Im also scared to take him to the groomer this weekend because i am getting him cut short and am sacared that its going to grow back in curly.
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Yogi is our 14 week old Shih tzu/Bichon/Maltese mix. He has his first appt. with the groomer tomorrow. His fur is growing super fast! He has Bichon curly hair on the top of his head and on his legs. We need to brush him everyday or else he will get matted. He definitely has more Bichon characteristics in him when it comes to the fur!

I'm not sure when their coat changes, if at all! Good question!
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