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*I just want to give a warning that I'm going to describe a dog attack in pretty close detail.*

When Piper (hound mix) was adopted, we already had Sophie (mixed breed, around 20lbs) and Oliver (who has since passed). At first Piper did well with them. She was calm and laid back when she met Sophie, who was visibly nervous and high energy. As Piper approached the sixth month mark, she began to attack Oliver when it came to feeding time. I thought she was establishing dominance, as he was old and blind. Then one day while my mom and I were sitting on the floor petting Sophie and Piper, Piper attacked her out of the blue. She went right for her neck and once she got a good grip, she would not let go. My mom and I tried to remove her but she would not let go. Piper twisted Sophie's collar so Sophie was choking and we had to unclip her collar so she didn't suffocate (thank god she was wearing a collar with a plastic clip buckle). I tried everything but I really didn't want to hurt Piper. However, nothing worked! It didn't matter where I struck her or how hard, she refused to let go. I've since read to never reach into a dogs mouth in a fight but being that I believed she was going to kill Sophie, I reached in to pry her mouth open. For some reason, she finally let go. We closed Piper out on the deck where she continued to bark. Sophie had a bloody gash where her ear connected to her head. I had a cut on my hand. Sophie had to go to the vet and get her ear stitched up.
Once Sophie was back home, my mom decided to let them out together. Thankfully my dad was there to pull Piper away because as I had suspected, she immediately tried to attack again.
My parents separated so Piper lives solely with my dad and is like a completely different dog. She eats calmly and she is great at listening to directions. At 3 years old now, she's still hyper but isn't as bad as she used to be. However, she still cannot be in contact with any dog. It doesn't matter the size or gender, she will still attack it.
So I guess my question is: Is there any hope for her being able to be around other dogs? I want to train her better on leash but I'm wary about walking her in the neighborhood just in case a dog were to wander up. To me, it looks like she attacks with the intent to seriously injure or kill as she always goes right for the neck. Am I wrong in thinking that? Is there any way to train this aggression out of her?

TL;DR: Are some dogs simply too dog aggressive to be around other dogs?
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