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Any guesses on what my dog is mixed with?

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I rescued what was thought to be a chinese crested. I've done some research, found what I thought was his breed, only to realize he may just be a good 'ole mix :) and as much as I would like to get a DNA test done, 1) I don't have the money for that and 2) I was informed that most of those tests are crap. So, because I am really curious, I want to see what YOU think he might be :) I'm posting a few different angles of him on photobucket and I'll post the link below. Thanks for your help!

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I'll vote for Chinese crested/Chih mix.
I'll vote for Chinese crested/Chih mix.
I second this guess. My thoughts exactly. What a cute little thing! :)

Congratulations on your rescue!
Well, normal dogs don't come in hairless, LOL, so he must have a lot of Chinese Crested in him. It's hard to tell if he's mixed or a purebred that just didn't turn out to standard.
Chinese crested chihuahua? I don't see it hehe he weighs 17 lbs and he's pretty tall (I can NOT find my ruler to measure him right now lol). Can they get that big? I thought they'd be smaller than normal cresteds. That and his nose is a lot pointier than both breeds. I'm stumped on what he could be, and I'm normally pretty good at guessing :p Any ideas on a good DNA tests, or are they a waste of my money?
Small Peruvian Hairless/Inca Orchid? Mexican Hairless? Though I don't know how big they get. I know the Inca Orchid comes in three sizes and can have hair too, but that's as far as my knowledge goes.
I agree with Avie. Looks Mexican Hairless mix to me.
Yay!! I'm so glad ya'll said that :) We did some research and thought him to be a Hairless Khala, but I posted something about it on another forum, and was told that it was highly unlikely for me to rescue one outside of Mexico, and surrounding areas. But I've never seen anything else like him, and the Hairless Khala looks almost EXACTLY like him! I wish there was a DNA test that had that listed as one of the breeds they test :(
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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