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Any Blue Buffalo feeders out there??

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:confused:Hi ....I've been feeding my guy Blue Buffalo for about a month now -- he seems to be doing fine on it...he only likes the dry food -- he won't touch the canned --- I also feed him Chicken, Chicken Liver, Beef & Fish

I'm a little confused because I don't hear much about Blue Buffalo in any of the Forums that I go to --- and then once in awhile it will pop up and have a bad review and then a good one??

Anyone have any honest knowledge of this food?? I've compared the ingredients to some of the foods mentioned alot on this forum (like Wellness, Newman's, Chicken Soup, Canidae, Innova) and Blue Buffalo has terrific ingredients plus vitamins???

Thanks so much.

A confused Mommy.:):confused:
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It's a good quality, but, like with any food, it's not unusual to see dogs react differently to it. I don't know how many retails stores stock it, though, so I'm not sure how many people have first-hand experience with it (I haven't seen it anywhere in Chicago, and we're a pretty big market). It seems to fall right into the middle tier between the big commercial feeds (Iams, Purina, etc.), and the high-end feeds (Orijen, Wellness, Fromm's).

My personal opinion is that once you get away from the corn & wheat filled stuff, the differences between brands are relatively minor. If your dog like Blue Buffalo, just keep feeding. Every dog is different, and you need to find what works.
I have had Bailey and my mom's dachshund(who has a hard time tolerating most foods) on it without a problem. They did great on Blue. The ingredients are good, no fillers,by-products, corn or wheat. It's the best brand sold at PetSmart.
I recently switched to Wellness just to try something different, and they are doing great on that also. I will probably use Blue again down the line.
My aunt's dog has loose stools on Blue, but she has gotten that on many different foods. It all depends on the dog and how they do on it.
Do you think it's a good idea to switch dog foods once in awhile -- or is it better to stay on the same all the time?
It seems like everyone has a different opinion on that. I had used Blue for so long I wanted to give them a change.
Thanks so much........:):):):):
I have been a Blue fan for a while now. My two older springers did very well on it for years. I have fed it to the two dogs I have now, both just about one year old. They do not seem to have any problem on it either. I will say that you probably won't find a single food brand out there that has only positive reviews. You might want to keep notes on the different foods you try with your dog and if they work for you or not.

I used to feel that you should find a brand and stick with it, but when I thought about it a bit more I was concerned if the food was lacking in some nutritional way then my dogs had no way of compensating for that. I now change foods every couple of large bags. I keep notes so I know what has worked for us in the past and sometimes I'm able to take advantage of a price break on a brand that is tried and true for us.
Blue Buffalo is a great food that I recommend to a lot of people. They also have a line called Blue Wilderness that is grain free and available at PetsMart. So far I have only fed Blue Buffalo cans (all varieties) and both my husky and my chihuahua have done very well on them.

I personally am a fan of a rotation diet to ensure my dogs get everything they need. However since my husky has such a super sensitive stomach and I do a mix of kibble and wet, I keep the kibble the same almost all of the time and rotate wet food varieties every 4-6 days.
We are on our 2nd bag of Blue Buffalo, however, I wanted to rotate a month ago and started feeding just the Blue Buffalo. Both of our dogs started to get ear infections. I've already introduced Blue Buffalo a month prior as training treats but, I guess both of them tollerate Solid Gold better. Our vet didn't see a problem continuing Blue buffalo as training treats because their infections improved.

I do supplement their diet with raw chicken and lamb two/three times a week
Hi! My Aussie Clancy has been on Blue's Lamb & Rice for over 4 years and he loves it. His coat is shiny. He has tons of energy. His stools are firm--no gas. And best of all, he eats it right up! I have been very pleased with this food and have recommended it to many people. Of course, dogs are like people and not every dog will have the same experience as Clancy but, on the whole, the dogs I know that have tried it, have liked it.
I have my little Bichon/Shih tzu on Blue Buffalo and she does quite well on it :)
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